New England Archivists’ Fall Workshops

We will be offering three workshops in conjunction with NEA’s Fall 2010 meeting at Keene State College.

November 5, 2010
Mason Library, Keene State College
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m.
Registration Deadline: Friday October 22, 2010
Cost per workshop for NEA and NHAG Member: $50
Cost per workshop for Non Member:  $65

  • What’s in your Stacks? An Introduction to Identifying and Caring for your Audio-Visual Materials
  • Advanced Reference and Access
  • Introduction to Archivists’ Toolkit

What’s in your Stacks? An Introduction to Identifying and Caring for your Audio-Visual Materials

James DaMico
Graphics Project Archivist, Rhode Island Historical Society

Workshop Description:
Within the last 150 years, we have witnessed an unprecedented technological revolution that has enriched the written word and added to the collective cultural memory. Beginning with Joseph Nicéphore Niépce’s invention of photography in 1826, Thomas Edison’s phonograph in 1877, the Lumiere brothers’ Cinématographe in 1895 and Valdemar Poulsen’s Telegraphone in 1900, society has been able to capture human emotion, history, tradition, cultural identity, and evidence of wrong doing and accomplishment in a richer, fuller way.  The development of civilizations has taken place because of the human need to document and preserve those documents for future generations to learn from. Unlike paper documents, which have a life expectancy of at least one hundred years, audio-visual material recorded on magnetic tape has approximately a fifty-year life span.  In this workshop, the archivist will learn how to, in hands on practice, identify audio and videotape formats, causes of decay and physical changes to the media. The storage and handling of tape, choices of reformatting, and resources to consult for further information will also be addressed.

Who should attend:   This workshop is for archivists who have little to no experience with audiovisual material and are looking for an introductory course.

Advanced Reference and Access

Nora Murphy, Reference Archivist
MIT Archives and Special Collections

Workshop Description:
Regardless of your responsibilities in the archives, someone will want to mine your knowledge of your collections. In the course of this full-day workshop participants will discuss the skills, knowledge and resources that are important to have in order to provide good reference services, the needs of the user, and how an archivist can anticipate those basic needs and respond appropriately. Policies and procedures, daily activities, and best practices will be addressed. Participation is encouraged, and participants are welcome to share questions with the instructor in advance of the workshop.

Introduction to Archivists’ Toolkit

Kate Bowers
Collection Services Archivist, Harvard University Archives

Workshop Description:
The Archivists’ Toolkit (AT) is an open-source software solution for archival management with modules for accessioning, description, collection assessment, digital objects, locations, and controlled names and subjects. Workshop participants can expect to leave with both hands-on experience and some understanding of the administrative and technical issues to consider when implementing AT. To get the most out of the workshop, participants are encouraged to bring selected real-world accessions information, collection assessments, and finding aids (paper, electronic, and/or existing EAD) from their repositories to the workshop.

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