2010 Vermont Library Conference

Dear VLA/VSLA Members:

We are very excited about this year’s Vermont Library Conference, May 12 and 13, 2009. Our co-chairs, Barbara Doyle-Wilch (VLA) and Sara Goldstein (VSLA), are putting together an incredibly creative and timely conference, “Speaking Up! Advocacy for Libraries.”

We do not have co-chairs from both organizations for the 2010 Vermont Library Conference, so the time has come to take a step back and revaluate our professional development needs. We feel the best way to accomplish this task is to form a committee comprised of a few members from each of our two organizations to research various options. This commitment would last approximately 6 weeks. Here is the proposed timeline:

* Email Judah Hamer or Susan Monmaney by January 31, 2009, to express an interest in serving on this committee
* Week 1: Work with fellow committee members to determine
o Meeting venue(s) (online, in person, conference calls)
o Number of necessary meetings
o Division of responsibilities
* Weeks 2-5: Research professional development options
* Week 6: Compile results of research
* Report committee recommendations to VLA/VSLA boards by March 15th

We look forward to volunteers joining this committee. It is a special opportunity to provide guidance and direction for the next wave of professional development opportunities for the Vermont library community.


Judah Hamer
President, VLA

Susan Monmaney
President, VSLA