2014 John Swan Lecture – Dawn Sova

The 2014 John Swan Lecture will take place on Monday, January 27th, 2014 from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Pavilion Auditorium in Montpelier. This year’s lecturer is author and anti-censorship advocate Dawn Sova. See the Press Release.

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Website:  www.dawnsova.com
Facebook: dawn.sova
Twitter (@Dawn_Sova)


DAWN SOVA has written and spoken extensively on issues of intellectual freedom. Ms.Sova is the author of Banned Plays (Facts on File, Inc.), Forbidden Films (Checkmark Books), Banned Books: Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds (Facts on File, Inc.), and Banned Books: Literature Suppressed on Sexual Grounds (Facts on File, Inc.) The last two books have gone into third editions. She is also co-author of 100 Banned Books (Checkmark Books), a Book-of-the-Month Club Main Selection, and 120 Banned Books, the 2001 Book Lovers’ Calendar entry. Her books have been translated into Spanish, Polish, Czechoslovakian, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Japan and published in ten countries. She has been privileged to address regional, state and local libraries, booksellers and associations on issues related to numerous and continuing challenges to intellectual freedom.

A native of Garfield, New Jersey, Ms. Sova is a graduate of Montclair State University and holds an M.A. from Ball State University. In 1990, she was awarded the Ph.D. by Drew University. In addition to her work related to censorship, she has published 16 books on a variety of topics from Sex and the Single Mother (Dodd, Mead) to Solving Word Problems in Geometry (McGraw-Hill). In 2002 she received the Mystery Writers of America Award for Best Non-fiction Work for Edgar Allan Poe A-to-Z and was nominated by the MWA in the same category several years earlier for Agatha Christie A-to-Z.

The author has one son and shares her time between Maine and New Jersey.