Wyoming 2008 Library Workforce Survey

As the State Data Coordinator, I just received a link to the Wyoming 2008 Library Workforce Survey.  I think this is of interest to Vermont, in that Wyoming is also a very rural state with a very small population.  I wanted to share it with all of you.  This will be of interest to academic, public, school and special librarians.

Here’s the description from the website:“In the spring of 2008, the Wyoming State Library, Wyoming Library Association and WYLD Training Committee conducted a survey of the Wyoming library workforce to look at demographics, education levels, salaries and benefits, and training needs of workers in the state’s academic, public, school and special libraries. All of the state’s estimated 1,337 employees were invited to participate in the survey. The Wyoming State Library sent out 1,749 survey forms; 812 responses and 220 unused forms were returned.”

Here’s the link:


Hope you find it useful.

Rob Geiszler