Please complete survey on Department of Libraries services

Dear Library Colleague or other Department of Libraries “Stakeholder,”

Please help DOL by taking this short survey.

The Department of Libraries (DOL), in consultation with the Vermont Public Managers (VPM) program, is evaluating the overall organization and strategic direction of DOL. The information gathered by the VPM team will assist me by making recommendations on a design for a strategic plan for the DOL. Data gathering for this project will consist of the VPM team interviewing all DOL employees and conducting a survey of those people who are “stakeholders” in the services that DOL provides.

I encourage you to please take a few moments to click on this link and complete the brief survey:

Please forward this to others in your organization that you think should participate in this survey, including library trustees.

All answers are confidential and will help direct the VPM team’s recommendations on the development of a strategic plan that will align the DOL with its mission and goals. By responding to this survey you are advising the VPM team on how the DOL can provide a better service to you and all Vermonters. The VPM Team will be making a presentation to the Department of Libraries before summer and your responses are an important part of this process.

This survey will be open for responses until 2/23/2009.

More information on VPM: The VPM program provides a core learning experience for current and emerging leaders in state government. The two year program is designed to be both intellectually challenging and practical; it provides a unique opportunity for managers and leaders from across state government to learn together about their common challenges and strategies for success. VPM participants focus on three areas: organizational performance, working effectively in groups, and personal effectiveness. As a key part of the second year, teams of four undertake consulting projects that are an important part of the VPM learning experience and have been for over 20 years. For more information go to the VPM website at

I appreciate your help in this process.

Thank you,

Martha Reid
State Librarian
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