A PubMed Lightning Presentation

Please join us for …

(what):  A PubMed Lightning Presentation

(when):  Friday – September 20, 2013, 1-2pm

(where): Dana Medical Library E-Classroom, University of Vermont, Burlington

(who):  Dana & Bailey/Howe Librarians – Alice Stokes, Fred Pond, Gary Atwood, Joanne Montanye & Nancy Bianchi

(why):  We are eager to share with you in an informal and relaxed gathering some of the informative and interesting features of the PubMed database that we learned from the “PubMed for Trainers” hybrid class in July. We’ll explore “behind the scenes” details of MyNCBI, how to use Medline’s controlled vocabulary (MeSH), and how to design a class with the rapid design technique.

(p.s.):          Refreshments will be served!  Off campus attendees ask for transportation/parking instructions.

(???):            Please contact Nancy Bianchi at nbianchi@uvm.edu / 802 656-4371