ALA Councilor’s Report from Midwinter I

Greetings from cloudy Boston! I am beginning my second term as your ALA Councilor. I am honored to have this opportunity to represent Vermont at our national organization.

Yesterday I attended a Chapter Relation Committee meeting where I was surprised and pleased to hear that the Washington Office of ALA has included the cost of databases for all libraries in a recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus funds). We will need to wait to see if the grant is funded.

Today I am at my first council meeting where we are hearing about budget issues, endowment reports, and introduction of the ALA 2015 strategic plan draft.  After breaking into small groups we have had a chance to comment on and suggest changes to the strategic plan.  You may view the draft plan here.  Please let me know if you have any comments on the draft.

As might be expected income for the organization has fallen, but some cutbacks in activities have made the loss less than it may have been.

The Executive Director presented his report this morning. American Libraries magazine is now online.

Later today I will attend a council forum and hear Yohannes Grebregeorgis who founded Nigeria Reads speak at the President’s program.

I will write more tomorrow.

Nancy Wilson