Annual Public Library Reports and Standards Applications Deadline

This is a reminder that the closing date for the submission of your Annual Public Library Report and Standards Application is November 23, 2009.  So far, 15 libraries have completed the process.  We hope you’re finding the process easier than it has been in years past.

The URL to login in with your User Name and Password is:  There’s online help available, but you should also feel free to call your DOL Consultant:

Amy Howlett         463-0142

Jeremiah Kellogg  828-2320

Michael Roche      748-3428

Rob Geiszler        786-3839

All libraries – whether applying for standards or not – should complete and submit the Public Library Report in order to remain eligible for Department of Libraries services, to be listed accurately in the Vermont Library Directory, and to receive interlibrary loan and other materials in a timely manner. A library must apply each year in order to be considered for standards. Please  complete and submit your data by November 23, 2009.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Rob Geiszler