Ceal Moran’s GENEALOGY DAY “Get Together”

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Friday, August 9, 2013 – Noon to 8 pm ( open house format )
Barre Area Senior Center
135 N. Main Street
Barre, Vermont
(Located right on business “church street” which is convenient for drop off/walk in traffic, however, they do NOT have a parking lot)

FREE, Family Friendly Event. This is a new “holiday” that has been created to help us remember relatives that have died. Kind of like combining Valentine’s Day along with Thanksgiving! Plus, it’s a good reason to call someone special – keeping those communication channels open. This in itself will go a long way in keeping YOUR FAMILY HISTORIES alive.

If you are unable to attend, please consider starting a new tradition of YOUR OWN – and contact that relative you’ve been meaning to for so long, on August 9th.

Moving Annual Event: 2014 in Charlotte, Vermont For Special 5th Anniversary Event / 2015 in Jay, Vermont

Comments, Questions or Suggestions? You can call Cecile any time of the year at 802-425-4929.

FREE Community Event for all. No matter your name, age or skill level. Bring a friend/relative or both.

Consider Yourself Invited!

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