2016 Conference Keynote – Rebekkah Smith Aldrich

RSAldrichRebekkah Smith Aldrich (MLS, LEED AP, CSBA) is a passionate advocate for public libraries because she knows that libraries can change the world. She currently serves as the Coordinator for Library Sustainability at the Mid-Hudson Library System (NY) where she daily assists 66 public libraries in the areas of leadership, funding and facilities.

Rebekkah is the author of the Handbook for New Public Library Directors in New York State; co-author of the Handbook for Public Library Trustees in New York State and author of the forthcoming book “Sustainable Thinking” from ALA Editions. A founding member of the American Library Association’s Sustainability Round Table, Rebekkah is proud of her work to help pass the 2015 ALA Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries.

Named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker, Rebekkah is a frequent national presenter on the topic of leading libraries forward in smart, practical and effective ways.