Day 2–ALA Councilor's Report

Council II has begun. This morning we will mostly be talking about procedural items; a few small changes in bylaws and organization. Following various reports Kent Oliver gave the Freedom to Read Report. He was happy to report that just this morning the Supreme Court struck down a case about distribution of material “harmful to minors.” This is a big victory for ALA.

There was much discussion last night at the council forum and again today about equitable access to electronic content. The main issue seems to be that while immediate action needs to take place ALA is just not a nimble organization. There is talk of hiring a person for a two year contract to advocate and negotiate with electronic content providers. I will let you know if any action takes place before the end of this conference.
My report will be short today because I am moving to locations that do not have internet access but I will report tomorrow on my HRDR meeting this afternoon and the Chapter Councilor’s forum late this afternoon.
(I will edit later to add links–Wordpress is driving me crazy!)
Nancy Wilson,
Vermont Chapter Councilor