e-Books Selected for the Vermont Online Library


On Friday, March 18, Gale will be activating VOL access to the updated VOL e-book collection.

At that time the upgrades to new editions and the new titles that Martha Reid announced in the message below will be available.

For a time, access to the older editions/titles will continue to be available and we will be in contact with you before those older e-books are removed.

The full list of titles that was initially announced is appended below.
Attention Vermont Online Library subscribers:

The 2011 Vermont Online Library will soon include 50 additional e-book reference titles in the Gale database.  Once Gale has added these titles to the
Vermont Online Library, I will send out another announcement.

In the meantime, here are the titles:

Encyclopedia of Religion , 2nd ed., 15v, 2005

Dictionary of American History , 3rd ed., 10v, 2003

The People’s Chronology , 3rd ed., 2005

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law , 2nd ed., 13v, 2005

Gale Encyclopedia of Children’s Health: Infancy through Adolescence , 4v, 2=

American Decades , 10v, 2001

Encyclopedia of Philosophy , 2nd ed., 10v, 2006

Encyclopedia of Education , 2nd ed., 8v, 2003

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas , 6v, 2005

Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics , 4v, 2005

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History , 2nd ed., 6v, 2006

Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific =
Discovery, 8v, 2001

Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia , 2nd ed., 17v, 2004

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture , 3v, 2003

Arts and Humanities Through the Eras , 5v, 2005

Encyclopedia of American Industries , 4th ed., 2v, 2005

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices , 3v, 2006

American Decades Primary Sources , 10v, 2004

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution , 2nd ed., 6v, 2000

Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology , 2nd ed., 2001

Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion , 3v, 2005

International Dictionary of Film and Filmmakers , 4th ed., 4v, 2000

Europe, 1450 to 1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World , 6v, 2004

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity , 3v, 2005

Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th-Century America , =
5v, 2002

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice , 2nd ed., 4v, 2002

Americans at War , 4v, 2005

Psychologists and Their Theories for Students , 2v, 2005

World of Forensic Science , 2v, 2005

Child Development , 2002

U*X*L American Decades , 11v, 2003

Encyclopedia of European Social History , 6v, 2001

Chemistry: Foundations and Applications , 4v, 2004

Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America , 2v, 2004

Chemical Elements: From Carbon to Krypton , 3v, 2006

U*X*L Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances , 5v, 2006

Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology , 5th ed., 2v, 2001

Grzimek’s Student Animal Life Resource , 21v, 2005

Ancient Greece and Rome , 4v, 1998

Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources , 2006

Water: Science and Issues , 4v, 2003

Supreme Court Drama: Cases That Changed America , 4v, 2001

World War II Reference Library , 5v, 2000

Real-Life Math , 2v, 2006

American Revolution Reference Library , 5v, 2000

Historic Events for Students: The Great Depression , 3v, 2002

The Middle Ages , 4v, 1996

Contemporary Fashion , 2nd ed., 2002

Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes

Fashion, Costume, Culture