Free Computer Monitors

Ashgate Publishing Company in Burlington is giving away some older model computer monitors that are in great condition. They are available free of charge, but must be picked up at their office. Please contact Alyssa Stevens at Ashgate for further information. The monitors available are:

  • 2 – Proview PS920F-1 19″ CRT Monitor Purchased 2003-2004
  • 1 – Viewsonic E70 17″ CRT Monitor Purchased 2003
  • 3 – Viewsonic G90F-3 19″ CRT Monitor Purchased 2005
  • 1 – Princeton E0700 17″ CRT Monitor Purchased 2001

They are the bulkier models so they would need to be taken away as soon as possible as they are sitting on the floor in peoples offices.

Alyssa Stevens
Ashgate Publishing Co.
101 Cherry Street; Ste 420
Burlington, VT., 05401
802-865-7641 /fx 802-865-7847