Legislative Breakfast Materials!

The Vermont Library Association’s Government Relations committee has revised materials that libraries can use to host regional legislative breakfasts, as a way of outreaching to your representatives and senators in the Vermont statehouse and apprising them of the contributions libraries make to Vermont and Vermonters. You can find suggested instructions along with a sample invitation, agenda, press release, talking points, FAQ’s and more here:

If any libraries or group of libraries feel they can host a legislative breakfast or gathering in April, we encourage them to do so! We are also hoping that, whether you’re in a position to host or not this year, we can get your important feedback on both the materials and the practice of outreaching to legislators, so that we can get new and improved materials much earlier your way next year.
With your help, we can revive the practice of annual legislative gatherings and become stronger advocates for the important contributions that your libraries are making to education, digital literacy, economic development, and much more.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts. And if you do decide to tackle a legislative breakfast this year, let us know how we can help!
Chair, VLA Government Relations Committee