Live Demos of Koha and Evergreen Open Source Library System

Posted on behalf of Mary White, Director of the Howe Library (Hanover, NH)

To all:

The Howe Library in Hanover, NH is seriously looking at Koha with LibLime and Evergreen with Equinox. We intend to send out our RFP in July and hope to make a decision in September.

With that in mind, we have made arrangements to have live demos at the Howe Library and wish to invite any NH and VT (and others) librarians that wish to come. It wasn’t easy to get them to come but we assured them that many libraries, not just the Howe Library, are interested.


Live demo of Koha with LibLime:
Thursday, July 23
9:30 – 11:30

Live demo of Evergreen with Equinox:
Thursday, August 13
9:30 – 11:30

Please, please DO NOT park in the library parking lot. Please use the parking garage diagonally across from the library. There is a slight fee for this parking.

Absolutely free. The Howe Library will serve coffee and munchies. If you want to donate a dollar to the coffee fund, that would be wonderful. Just pay for your parking in the garage.

I will not ask anyone to respond to tell me that they are coming because I will drown in e-mails. The room we will be holding this seats 100 people easily. If more come, we will just get cozy. Legally it seats 177.

The library does not open until 10:00, so please enter via the REAR, LOWER ENTRANCE, which we will have unlocked for you. The meeting room (Mayer Room) is on that lower level.

Please spread the word about these two sessions. We look forward to hosting you.

I have talked with Michael York a couple times about the Howe Library’s plans. As I said, we won’t be making a decision until September but will definitely be talking with the State Library before we make our final decision.

If we do jump ship and migrate to an open source ILS, we won’t make the switch until June 2010.

We had a web demo of Evergreen/Equinox a few weeks ago and were very impressed. By the time they do the live demo at the Howe Library, they will have their acquisitions module up and running. They are working with King County Library System on this.

I am on VACATION THIS WEEK, so please don’t email or call me until next week should you have any questions!

Thank you. We look forward to hosting many of you.

Mary White, Director
Howe Library
Hanover, NH