Millions of pages of Vermont newspapers freely searchable online

screenshot of hte landing page at
Vermont residents have access to a free searchable archive of millions of pages of Vermont newspapers thanks to a partnership between the Department of Libraries and Vermont State Records and Archives Administration (VSARA). Here are simple steps to get set up
1. Sign up for a account at
2. Log in and fill out your profile information including your contact information in the upper righthand corner.
3. Follow the link from the Featured Link section to
Let us know if you have any questions. Please share this with your patrons! Here is a four page PDF handout going through all the steps with screenshots.
A few more tidbits from Assistant State Librarian Tom McMurdo
“Once you are in, there are so many great newspapers—all text searchable.
A particularly notable one is abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison’s Journal of the Times which was published in Bennington, VT from 1828-29. To my knowledge, this is the first time this important title has been digitized. Also, more Italian-language newspapers from rollicking early twentieth century Barre, VT are digitized:

And the English-language “Quarry Workers Journal”.Pair these titles with the Cronaca Sovversiva, digitized on Chronicling America, and one has the makings of a PhD. thesis, perhaps? Or maybe a great VT history book. One of the great things about the growing collection, is many newspapers that have not been digitized as part of Chronicling America are available. Including
mastehead of The Earth with a globe-headed man walking briskly somewhere. 1890.

  • The Earth, from Burlington, with its imaginative masthead.
  • The Iris, which gives one a glimpse into life in Burlington in 1829—a time when books were scarce and the weekly newspaper was often the main source of literature for many people
  • Brattleboro’s 1871 “Our Venture”

There are so many historical treasures available that give us a glimpse into the lives of Vermonters’ past. Take a look to see what newspapers are there from your town.”