New Advocacy Tool – Mobile Commons

ALA has now made it easy for all of us  to respond to  email alerts that are sent out asking us to call our legislator on behalf of the most recent bill or action..  Text!

Here’s what to do:

Text “library” to 877877. You will receive a message back asking for your address. Send that info back.  From now on, when there’s a legislative alert from ALA relating to library and information issues they will send you a text.

The The best part is that the text you receive will contain two things:

  1. Some ‘talking points’ you can read before you make your call AND
  2. A link to the telephone number of the representative you need to call…. all YOU have to do is to click on the active telephone link and you will be placing the call right away. Give your message and…. in the span of a         few minutes you have participated in important action advocacy.

Let all your friends and colleagues know about this process- you do NOT need to be an ALA member to sign on. By spreading the word you are helping build an important coalition of voices that our legislators need to hear on these important library matters.

The ALA Washington Office says to expect 2-3 messages a month…

You may also sign up for the texts at