New England Carnegies Website

Hello from Central Massachusetts —

I’m pleased to announce that updates and additions have been made to the “New England Carnegies” web site at

The site was launched in 2006 in order to honor the 85 public library buildings that Andrew Carnegie funded in New England. A page for each library contains a brief history, an historic postcard image, and contemporary photos. Visitors can take a virtual tour that leads them across the six states.

Now the 10 academic Carnegie libraries of the region have been added as well. That list includes the former library building at Norwich University.

Also added are the texts of historic newspaper accounts of Andrew and Louise Carnegie’s visit to Worcester, Mass., in 1913. Andrew participated in laying the cornerstones for the three branch libraries that day.

The web site is maintained by Corinne H. Smith, cataloging and reference librarian at Anna Maria College, Paxton, Mass.;


Corinne H. Smith, cataloging & reference librarian
Mondor-Eagan Library
Anna Maria College
Paxton, Mass.