Notice About Movie Licenses for Public Libraries

I am pleased to announce that the Department of Libraries has successfully negotiated a new contract with Movie Licensing USA for Vermont public libraries. This license will permit the FREE public performance of movies (from selected Hollywood studios) in public library buildings. This new contract covers the period of June 1, 2009 – May 31, 2010.

Here are some details:

  1. This license is available free for all Vermont public libraries.
  2. To use this license at your library you must have a NEW signed agreement on file at the Department of Libraries.
    1. A copy of the Agreement form is available at the DOL website, at:
  3. Print out and complete the form (remember to sign it and include the number of active/registered borrowers). Active Borrowers are registered borrowers who have used their library cards during the previous year; all automated libraries should provide this number. Other libraries should provide total number of registered borrowers. Mail the form to the Department of Libraries.
  4. Once we receive your signed Agreement form we will send you the license certificate for your library.
  5. The license covers only those Hollywood studios listed on the Agreement Form. For motion pictures by studios not covered by this license, contact the studio directly to arrange a public performance. Use the Movie Licensing USA website to verify that movies are covered by the license, to generate free posters with the original movie art, and to get great programming ideas.
  6. Rules about showing and advertising movies in your libraries are included on the Agreement form.

If you have questions, contact Amy Howlett ( / 802-463-0142), or me.


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