2015 Public Libraries Compensation Study

VLA’s Personnel Committee is gathering data in order to study the status of salaries and benefits for public librarians and support staff throughout Vermont.
Please take the five minutes needed to complete this survey.
We will report what we learn to VLA members and other interested parties. The information you provide is completely confidential, and we will not release statistics that reveal identity.
Library directors please make this link available to your staff if they are not on any library listservs.
It is vital that we are able to include as many public library personnel as possible throughout the state to capture an accurate picture of library employment and benefits. Vermont’s libraries are unique in size and governance. Many have unique attributes that require special staffing. We want all individuals to participate, with the exception of janitorial services.
We thank you in advance for your participation. The link to the survey is below.
If you have difficulties completing the survey, please let me know. The survey closes on APRIL 3, 2015.
Thank you for participating!
Shara McCaffrey (St. Johnsbury Athenaeum), Chair
for the Personnel Committee:
Amber Billey (University of Vermont)
Jeannette Blair (Rochester Public Library )
Clara Bruns (Goddard College)
Amy Howlett (VT Department of Libraries)
Stacey Knight (St. Michael’s College)