FEMA Application Deadline For Homeowners & Small Businesses Extended

Please note that the deadline for filing for assistance from FEMA for  homeowners/individuals/business to file is October 31, 2011 November 15, 2011.

Please help us get this information out to individuals and small businesses.  The deadline for applying for FEMA Nov. 15th for Individuals and Small Businesses.  Please forward the following email to your contacts, constituents and anyone you know that may have been impacted by Hurricane Irene.  Thank you all for the vital role you play in assisting Vermonters through this challenging time.
Individuals and Small Businesses– Deadline Nov. 15th
Individuals and Small-Businesses needing funds for housing related expense or to rebuild after damages caused by hurricane Irene must register with FEMA no later than Nov. 15th, 2011. If you have not yet registered, please do so by visiting www.disasterassistance.gov or by calling 1-800-621-3362.
Disaster assistance for Individuals may include grants to help pay for temporary housing, home repairs and other serious disaster-related expenses not covered by insurance and other sources.  There are no income limits when applying for FEMA emergency assistance.  If you are denied assistance, it is important to follow up with FEMA to find out why assistance was denied and to determine the process for appealing that determination.  If you need assistance completing your registration, applying for funds or appealing a determination, please visit one of the local disaster recovery centers.  (See Information and Resources Below).
If you are an Individual and you have received an SBA disaster loan application in the mail, it is important to fill it out and return it.  You are not obligated to accept a loan, however filling out an application will determine your eligibility for a loan should you need additional compensation above the currently allocated grant amount.  If you do not qualify for a loan, you will be referred back to FEMA and could receive additional grant money.  If you are approved for an SBA loan, you are under no obligation to accept it.
Small-Businesses are encouraged to register with FEMA and encouraged to complete an SBA disaster loan application.  In addition, Small-Businesses needing assistance should contact The Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA) at 802-828-5627 or visit www.veda.org.  Small-Businesses should also visitwww.dca.state.vt.us or call 802-828-3211 to learn more about possible grant or low interest loan programs.
When you call FEMA make sure to have some basic information ready. That includes your current telephone number; address at the time of the disaster and current address; Social Security number, and a list of damages and losses. If you are insured, you should have the name of your insurance company and your policy number. After registering, you’ll be called about having a property inspection.
Registering with FEMA does not obligate you to accept assistance.  If you miss the deadline however, you will not be eligible for consideration of disaster relief funding.
Please register no later than Oct. 31, 2011 with www.disasterasssistance.gov or by calling 1-800-621-3362.
FEMA Fact Sheet for Individuals

Steps to Applying for FEMA Individual Assistance (Homeowners and Individuals)
The deadline for any  individual/homeowner or business to register with FEMA is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2011.
Individual Assistance– provides assistance to individuals and business owners affected by the disaster. Individual assistance provides funds directly from FEMA, or through Small Business Administration low-interest loans, to fulfill unmet needs such as housing for disaster survivors, disaster unemployment assistance, legal services, crisis counseling, and other disaster-related needs from survivors or small business owners. Often times, individual assistance covers a portion of the uninsured losses of homeowners and business owners.