Reference & Research Never Take Vacations: Xtreme Reference Has You Covered!

We all know that people stay up at night thinking of questions to ask us — or so it seems some days.Reference inquiries and research questions are always in the queue, and the “who?” “what?” “where?” “when?” and “how?” of handling reference and research is a core consideration of our libraries and information services.  But who can keep up with all the latest approaches and technology? Yikes!
Xtreme Reference has you covered! Go ahead. Take your vacation this summer and when you return, on October 21, you’ll be ready to learn how to:
– Migrate from the “reference-as-location” to “reference-as-activity” perspective
– Use browser widgets and plug-ins for information access
– Enhance customer learning experiences with on-demand interfaces
– Build a mobile site with low infrastructure cost
– And more . . .
Take your vacation and plan to invest 8 hours to expand your knowledge of the latest research and reference resources, products and skills to benefit your customers and build your network of colleagues and vendors.
Early Bird registration rates are now in effect. (Take a vacation and save money too!…:-) Learn more about the program at:
Seán Henry
Maryland Chapter of SLA
Coordinator of User Education
Frostburg State University
Frostburg, MD 21532
(301) 687-4888