Report a Challenge

Please email the Intellectual Freedom Committee’s Rapid Response team at to report a challenge to library resources. Here is information that would be useful to include. Please do not include any personally identifiable information about who initiated the challenge.

  1. Date of Challenge
  2. Type of Library (example: public, school)
  3. Description of the work or resource (example: title/author, title of program)
  4. Format of the work or resource (example: book, audiovisual, program, exhibit)
  5. Audience for work or resource (example: adult, child YA)
  6. Reason given for challenge
  7. Description given of challenge initiator (example: board member, elected official)
  8. Organization behind challenge, if applicable
  9. Status of challenged material (example: removed, recategorized, no change)
  10. Any media coverage?

If you need immediate assistance, please call Randal Smathers at the Rutland Free Library 802-773-1860 or email