Survey of Vermont Public Libraries concerning Legal Reference Questions

The Department of Libraries in concert with the Vermont Judiciary would like to collect information about the amount, and types of legal reference questions that your patrons pose to you. These questions might require reference to Federal or State constitutions or statutes, Federal or State regulations, or Federal or State case law. They might involve Federal or State court systems, Town ordinances or government. In addition, these are questions that might ultimately be referred to a lawyer, or that do, or might, require involvement by the patron with a governmental entity, such as the IRS, the Social Security Administration, or a zoning board.

To find out what has been your experience with these legal questions, we’ve created a very short survey, (7 questions) that we hope you’ll complete on behalf of your library.

This will be very helpful to both the Department of Libraries and the Vermont Judiciary in helping you with training and resources to answer your patrons’ questions.

Please take 10 or 15 minutes and fill this out. The survey is open now and will remain open until August 10th.