Time to Renew/Join the VLA for 2010!

The Vermont Library Association (VLA) invites you to join or renew your membership in our organization in 2010. Your membership is vital to the well-being of libraries in Vermont, and to your own professional development. VLA is over 350 members strong, and every new or renewed membership means we can accomplish more for Vermont libraries.

By the way, we ARE having the 116th VLA Conference in 2010 !! It will be a one-day event on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 in Colchester, VT at St. Michael’s College. Registration is limited.  Details will be forthcoming.

As you may know, we support continuing education programs, workshops, and lectures throughout the year, and inform members about these opportunities for growth. We research salary guidelines and provide information to librarians, trustees, and employers. In addition, VLA officers represent our members on the American Library Association Council and the New England Library Association Board. VLA also keeps a keen eye on national issues that affect libraries.

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Salary Increases for VT Public Librarians

In October 2008, the Executive Board of the Vermont Library Association approved the following recommended minimum starting salary:

For a public library director with the Vermont Department of Libraries “Certificate of Public Librarianship,” the recommended minimum starting salary is $40,300, with a complete benefits package. For directors who work less than full time, the hourly wage is $19.38, with a pro-rated benefits package.

“Increasing Public Library Compensation: A How-To Guide for Vermont Libraries” is available at https://vermontlibraries.org//compensation5.07.pdf.

The Personnel Committee of the Vermont Library Association can help you review and study your library salaries and job descriptions. Contact committee chair Amy C. Grasmick at kimball_acg@hotmail.com or (802) 728-5073 for more information.