Times Argus Query: Do you circulate unusual items at your library?

Hello – I’m doing an informal poll of several libraries in Vermont to find out if many have unusual materials other than books and video/DVDs to check out. For example, I recently learned that Kellogg-Hubbard in Montpelier has a “kill-a-watt” electricity usage monitor that patrons can check out. I know many libraries have digital media players for circulation. What else is out there that’s unusual? It might be a story for the Rutland Herald and Times Argus’ Sunday book page, depending on what I learn.

If your library circulates nontraditional items, I’d love to hear about them and how long you’ve been doing it or any special challenges they pose. Thanks for your time.

Ruth Hare
Editor, Vermont Sunday Magazine section
The Rutland Herald and The Times Argus
(802) 479-0191, ext. 1152