Vermont Library Technology Unconference

Our purpose: bring people together, of all skill levels, that manage technology in Vermont’s public libraries, to discuss the best tools, how to manage them, and move our libraries forward. Hear what other libraries are doing and to share your ideas.

What is an unconference? An unconfernce is a format, different than a workshop or lecture, a participant-driven approach celebrating our everyday problem solving. We’ll collect your ideas before the date and create sessions that center on a tech topic. You can expect to attend 3-4 roundtable sessions with colleagues, sharing challenges and innovations.

Register and help us to generate the agenda by sharing your ideas, questions, and concerns:

Thanks for your interest! We have the Midstate Regional Service Center on Thursday 9/13 from 12-4:30PM. We will send out a list of the folks who have registered if you want to arrange carpooling. Contact if you have any questions at all.