VLA Bylaws with Proposed Revisions

Proposed changes to the bylaws of the Vermont Library Association are attached for review at the annual membership meeting at the upcoming Vermont Library Conference.  The VLA Board has worked throughout the year to comprehensively overhaul the existing bylaws.  The proposed version has track changes on for comparison purposes.

VLA Bylaws with proposed revisions 2011 (PDF, 148 K)

VLA Bylaws with proposed revisions 2011 (DOC, 97K)

The current version of the bylaws can be found at https://vermontlibraries.org//constitution-bylaws .  The Board has unanimously endorsed this revision.

The proposal includes three substantive changes:

  • Expand voting rights on the Board to include committee chairs and the VLA representatives to the ALA and NELA (who currently serve as board members without voting rights)
  • Officially constitute the five officers (President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer) as an Executive Committee to make proposals for Board action
  • Streamline the process for amending the bylaws so that voting can occur at the annual membership meeting

Additional minor changes have been made to update terminology and clarify the roles of officers and committees, bringing them into line with current practice.

This proposal will be discussed at the upcoming annual meeting.  Voting can be done by paper or electronic ballot through June 10, 2011.

On behalf of the VLA Board,

John K. Payne
Director of Library & Information Services
Saint Michael’s College
1 Winooski Park
Colchester, VT 05439