VLA Partners with Ken Burns WWII Project

Ken Burns’ epic new series The War is accompanied by an unprecedented national community engagement campaign to collect and preserve the stories of WWII veterans and their families.  VLA has become a partner in this initiative, which involves Vermont’s only online searchable database of WWII enlistees, screenings and discussions, and more.  Get involved by merchandising WWII  materials in your library; download and display project fliers; collaborate on story collecting with local historical societies; and, host a screening and discussion panel of local veterans. VPT can provide a one-hour clip reel in DVD format for a showing before 9/23.

For more details, check out www.vpt.org.  For more information, materials or to get involved, contact Elizabeth Ottinger, Community Outreach Director, Vermont Public Television, 802-654-3688, eottinger@vpt.org.

Download the flier!  flier_the_war.pdf