VLA Travel Wiki – Coordinate Carpooling and Roommates for Events

Hello all!

I accidentally buried the announcement of this resource in the post about the NELA Conference, but I have created a wiki for people to coordinate attending events. I remember longing for something like this when I didn’t drive and didn’t know anybody and desperately wanted to go to conferences and workshops. So now I’ve created it. This is an experiment, so please come along for the ride, if for no other reason than we could all save a few bucks and maybe even meet some interesting new folks.

I’ve made it invite only so you’ll have to email me to get on it. I did it this way because I wanted members to know that only other members would be posting and reading and maybe his level of privacy would make everyone feel a little safer posting their contact info.

So, email me, and as soon as I have verified that you are a member, I will invite you as quick as I can and there will be more info about how to proceed on the wiki main page. I hope this turns out to be a useful tool for the VLA membership, but it’s up to us to make it so! There’s a few folks already posting space in their cars…


Helen Linda (celestihel at gmail dot com)