VLA News Submission Guidelines & Deadlines

Publication Schedule

VLA News is published quarterly, in February, May, August, and November. The release target date is the first Monday of the month.

Submission Schedule

  1. Call for Content – The VLA News editor(s) will send a first call for content three to four weeks before the submission deadline, which they will specify in the email. They will also list suggestions for some, but maybe not all, people who should submit based on their activity reports to the VLA Board. All section presidents, committee chairs, and the organizational presidential group will receive this call, in addition to anyone else who has expressed interest.
  2. Reminder – A reminder will be sent one week before the submission deadline to those section presidents, committee chairs, organizational presidential group members who have not responded to the first call or who indicated they would send an article but it has not been received.
  3. Deadline – The editors do not guarantee inclusion of materials sent after the deadline specified in the Call for Content and Reminders.

Submission Guidelines

Who Should Submit
Any person who is the president, vice-president, and past president of VLA, a section president, or a committee chair is required to contribute to the VLA News per their job description, or find a relevant person to do it. Anyone else is welcome to submit articles at their leisure.

Please send articles in the body of your email in direct reply to the call for content.

Generally, quick updates should be about a paragraph, short articles a few paragraphs, and long articles in the ballpark of 500 words. Mind you, it’s the internet, so these guidelines are mainly meant to encourage economy of language, which will ensure folks read the whole piece. Actual space concerns are not really the issue.

Please include as much of the following as you are able every time you submit: name, position in relation to VLA, job position, place of employment, link to employer website, email address, work phone number, and Twitter handle, if you use it for work.

If you would like key subjects, places, etc. to be linked in your article, you must provide the links. They need to be the full link, not a redirect link from bitly, tinyurl, etc., as those are rejected by our mail provider’s spam process.

Editor Privilege
VLA News editors reserve the right to make grammatical edits. You will only be consulted if the edit is to major content of the piece.

What Will Not Be Published
We are about our membership, so the content of the VLA News must be about or relevant to our members directly. Currently, the VLA News does not publish any advertising. VLA News editors reserve the right to reject any material that they feel doesn’t fit this scope.

Send questions to vermontlibrariesnews@gmail.com

Thank you!

Last update July 20, 2021