Vermont Library Conference 2011 Survey Results

The results of the 2011 Vermont Library Conference survey are in. The majority of respondents expressed a desire to keep the schedule the same as this year, including running from 9:00 to 5:00 (66%), the same amount of free time (80%), 75 minute sessions (60%), 30 minute section meetings (62%) and holding the business and section meetings in the early afternoon (63%). When asked if the emphasis on future keynotes should be more informative or entertaining, 65% responded “mix it up year by year.” And in regard to shortening the wait for lunch, a 42% plurality opted for staggering the ending times for morning sessions. (The runner up in that category was 20% for “no change necessary”—those must have been the people at the front of the line!)

Thanks to all who attended the conference and filled out the survey. If you would like complete survey results, contact me at

In the general comments, one message came through loud and clear—more coffee, more muffins! I hereby personally take responsibility for this year’s muffin shortage. In trying to be a good steward of conference resources, I underestimated people’s morning hunger and ordered too few. So to make that right, if you were thwarted in your desire for a muffin before 9:00 am, I invite you to make an appointment with me to come to campus, and I will walk over to the campus café with you and buy you one. (People who know me know I’m serious!) One to a customer, please.

John Payne
Director of Library & Information Services
Saint Michael’s College