VOL News: Two new upgrades and a reminder

There are now two new and exciting upgrades to the Vermont Online Library (Gale Databases).

1. Newstand
2. Galesites
3. Training

1. Newsstand:

Newsstand is an upgrade/replacement to Infotrac Custom Newspapers. Newsstand includes all of the content from Custom Newspapers and more. In addition to being a more robust option, as Gale gains access to new titles the database will be updated.

You can find the fact sheet for Newsstand at: http://www.gale.cengage.com/pdf/facts/ITCN.pdf

2. Galesites:

Galesites.com provides an easy way for libraries to have a graphical customizable webpage to link to their Gale resources. The current common menu will still be available as well, if you so prefer.

  • Go to www.galesites.com
  • Enter your gale location ID: vol_VUC# (ex. vol_m761c) in the box, click the access button
  • Save the URL and use it as your libraries webpage for electronic resources from Gale.

Some of the benefits of using galesites.com are:

  • It is an easy way to build a web presence for your library (if you don’t already have one)
  • Changes to your electronic resource subscriptions are automatically updated on the page. No more broken links!
  • It provides direct access to electronic resources, with a graphical icon and description of each resource is provided.
  • eBooks are shown in a graphical “bookshelf” presentation, providing more visibility of your collection to your patrons.

3. Training:

If you’d like training and there is none scheduled specifically for Vermont, Gale has 2 options.

Guided Tutorials:

Besides tutorials for help using individual databases, you can find Gale Admin, Gale Usage Website (creating reports), and How To (creating widgets for your website, creating RSS feeds, downloading MarcRecords for ebooks, etc…) tutorials.

The main tutorial page can be found at http://www.gale.cengage.com/guidedtour/


Gale has regularly scheduled webinars including Gale Admin, Gale Usage Portal, PowerSearch, and Supporting Summer Reading and Book Clubs:
To see the schedule, visit: