We Need You! Get Involved with Snap Shot Day!

Vermont Library Association, Vermont School Library Association and Vermont Department of Libraries have joined forces to create a multi-media advertising campaign for Vermont’s libraries. The campaign includes television commercials and newspaper ads to be released during National Library Week (April 10-16) and state-wide Snap Shot Day during March and April.

We are ready to launch Snap Shot Day statewide and WE NEED YOU!  ALL types of libraries are encouraged to participate. Snap Shot Day is a great way for you to show your clients and your funders exactly what happens at your library during a day.

How many reference questions did you answer? How many people walked through your doors? What sort of programs did you provide? How many students toured your library? Snap Shot Day allows you to SHOW people through photographs as well as statistics.

Below is a link to the wiki that has everything you need to participate–how-to’s, forms, an explanation, etc.  You will find it to be a user-friendly site.  Please then choose a date that works best for your library between now and early April.  Then just submit/upload your photos and statistics to share with others.

The Snap Shot Day committee will see to it that things are organized/aggregated in a meaningful way just in time for National Library Week (April 10-16).

Thanks in advance for your participation.  Please spread the word to other librarian colleagues who may not be a part of this listserv.