New Info About Recorded Books Offer for Public Libraries

Public Libraries:

I have had a number of questions from public libraries about the offer we have made for Recorded Books One-Click Audio.

Here is some new information to consider in addition to the previous post, Multi-Library Subscription to Recorded Books One-Click Digital Downloadable Audiobook Program:

1.  This offer will only work if we have enough participating libraries to cover the total cost set by Recorded Books.

If we don’t have enough revenue from libraries, we will withdraw the offer.

2.  The cost per library (based on circulation; pricing schedule in message below) was set by DOL. Some of you have told me that it’s too costly. We recognize that this is a stretch for many libraries, but remember that it is a significant savings from the price libraries would pay individually. The pricing structure was designed so that we can reach the required total payment. If we hear from enough libraries, we may be able to LOWER the rates.

Tell us what YOU CAN PAY. We may be able to change the pricing schedule if enough libraries participate.

3. Note: we hope that there will be some excess funds so we can purchase extra content over the next year,  in addition to the 37 titles/month that come with the program.

4. Some of you are unhappy with the core title list.  This is the same list that Recorded Books has offered elsewhere. Remember that all of these titles are available for unlimited numbers of simultaneous users. Monthly additions will all be NEW titles.

5. Note these changes about responding to DOL about One-Click Service. Deadline for responses: December 16, 2011

If you plan to participate, please email Renee Ancel (with the subject line: “One-Click Yes”), and with this information:

Name of Library/Town

Contact name, phone and email

Total Circulation in FY2010

Total Cost

This is not a commitment for your library. That will happen only when you sign an agreement form – to be sent out later this month.

This is for us to assess whether we will have enough participating libraries.

If you want to participate, but you cannot afford the current pricing, please email Renee Ancel (with the subject line: “One-Click Maybe”) and with this information:

Name of Library/Town

Contact name, phone and email

Total Circulation in FY2010

Total Cost (according to the price schedule)

Total cost you could afford to pay if we changed pricing

If we can lower rates, we will let you know.

If you are not interested in this offer, you don’t have to do anything.

We will review the responses the week of 12/19 and will send out information about the future of this offer .

Questions? Contact Renee Ancel at 802-828-3261;


Martha Reid

State Librarian

Vermont Department of Libraries