ACRL New England ITIG's DigiCamp, '11- Where YOU are the Conference!

DigiCamp isn’t just an unConference, it’s a youConference!
Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 21st and join us @ DigiCamp, ’11! This free 1/2 day youConference (8:30am-12:30pm) focuses on library technology and will take place at The College of the Holy Cross, Dinand Library.
How does ITIG’s DigiCamp work? If you are interested in hearing about how other libraries use technology, or if you wish to share innovative or interesting things that are happening at YOUR library, just show up and share! DigiCamp will feature a community-driven format where each session is designed and delivered by you! This format fosters spontaneous sharing, therefore, no PowerPoints allowed! Even the topics chosen for each session will be chosen by you!
What is ITIG? ITIG is the Information Technology Special Interest Group of ACRL New England. Learn more about ACRL NE here.
Is DigiCamp right for me? DigiCamp is designed for all technology levels, so come one, come all!
Where: College of the Holy Cross, Dinand Library
When: Thursday, April 21st. Registration starts @ 8:30am and continues till 9:30am.
Lightning round sessions begin at 9:30am-12:30pm
How much? Absolutely free! That’s right, zip, zero, nada!
How do I register?
Registration Deadline: Registration ends on Friday, March 4th so register early!
We are only taking the first 80 registrants, so register EARLY!