ALA–Day Four, the home stretch

Our second Council meeting began the day on Tuesday. Judith Platt, Freedom to Read Foundation President reported litigation activity underway to defend the rights of readers and bookstores to resist challenges to their right to have access to books and information. Membership in the FTRF has fallen off in recent years. ALA Members are encouraged to join:

“Resolution on Support for Funding for Cataloging and Bibliographic Control at the Library of Congress” by Councilors Diane Dates Casey and Janet Swan Hill was passed unanimously. Also passed overwhelmingly were “Resolution Supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)” and “Resolution Concerning ALA Policy Opposing Sweatshop Labor” (ALA and its affiliates will not purchase products for distribution to Membership that have been created by sweatshop labor).

In the afternoon on Tuesday I attended a Chapter Councilors’ forum where state councilors get together to discuss concerns about chapter issues. There is apparently an issue with the PLA running trainings in states without the knowledge of the state associations. There was also talk of holding a chapter councilors’ reception in Denver at the Midwinter meeting. (As you may have gleaned, receptions are good—the more you get invited to the less you have to think about how to fit in eating between meetings and, of course, the more money you save on food! The ultimate score is a reception with an open bar!)

Nancy Wilson