Government Relations Committee meeting June 12, 2008

The VLA Government Realtions Committee met at Mid-State Regional Library.

Members present: Lisa von Kann, Hilari Farrington, Paula Baker, John Shullenberger, Marty Reid, Deb Spackman

In May, Lisa, Martin Hahn (leaving the committee having served with Lisa as co-chair) and John Shullenberger had a wrap-up meeting to review the year and make some plans for the future. An agreement was reached to pay John a stipend of $1000 during the 2009 legislative session to keep us “in the game” despite the expectation of a poor economic outlook. The committee all agreed. We are deeply grateful for the work that John did for us and feel that his connection to the legislature on our behalf us is vital.
We plan to have conference call meetings when possible to avoid driving.
Marty and Paula reported on their day at the Snelling Center conference on: Vermont E-State. Legislative Breakfasts are important and we want to encourage libraries to schedule them for the week of November 17, 2008. This is before the session but after the elections. We will meet in late August around this topic and prepare packets to mail out. Hilari has agreed to do the update on packet materials. Lisa will retain the Card Room for Library Leg. Day with the help of John Shullenberger. Naturally, we are all very pleased with Marty’s new position and feel excited about the possibilities ahead for Vermont libraries. Way to go, Marty! Special thanks to Martin Hahn for the dedicated work he has done to promote the state funding initiative. Good luck Martin in your interesting journey ahead. We welcome Robert Coleburn from the Fletcher Free Library as a new member. Robert has agreed to take over the responsibility of developing our collaboration with the Vermont Telecommunications Authority.

Lisa von Kann, St. Johnsbury Athenaeum