Ashgate Grants for Vermont Town Libraries

Since the year 2000, Ashgate Publishing Company in Burlington has devoted a large portion of its annual charitable contributions budget to support libraries around the state.

Through its library donations program, Ashgate makes grants to public libraries in Vermont for special one-time projects and needs (as opposed to standard operating expenses and book budgets) as they arise. Some examples of the grants made in past years include:

  • $430.35 to the Whitingham Free Public Library in Jacksonville for the purchase of a 6-headphone listening center for their children’s area.
  • $550 to the Proctor Library in Ascutney for the purchase of 50 read-aloud story time books.
  • $670.00 to the Maclure Library in Pittsford for the purchase of new large print books for their library and their satellite library at the Village Manor Senior Housing unit.
  • $400 to the Goodrich Memorial Library in Newport for the purchase of 43 books rated as outstanding titles for the college bound and lifelong learner not included in book budget.
  • $1,000.00 to the Middletown Springs Public Library in Middletown Springs for the much needed repairs to their ramp, rear stairs and entry.
  • $250 to the Roxbury Free Library in Roxbury for the purchase of a double sided display case for the children’s section.
  • $1,000.00 to the South Burlington Community Library for the purchase of many new books to start the new Bookmobile and outreach program.
  • $75 to the Jones Memorial Library in Orleans for the purchase of one child size stool to be used with the children’s programs.

Ashgate’s charitable donations committee decides what amount to donate to which library (full or partial grants), in consultation with the company’s staff members. Ashgate does NOT make grants in support of:

  1. capital campaigns
  2. operating budgets
  3. general collection development

Please note: there is NO formal grant application form.

Grant applications should take the form of a cover letter which:

  1. explains the nature of the project
  2. specifically addresses what population(s) will be served by the project
  3. addresses how they will be served
  4. states the amount requested, with a budget if appropriate, or at least a justification for the amount
  5. states the time frame in which the project is scheduled to be completed.
  6. if available, include any photos that may be of assistance in the decision making process.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2009 grants. The deadline is July 30, 2009. The grants will be awarded in the fall 2009. All applicants will be notified as to whether or not your application has been selected for funding.

We welcome your queries, but again, please do NOT call for an application form — we do not have such a formal document. Grant proposals should be mailed to:

Library Grants Committee
Allyssa Stevens / Nick Willey
Ashgate Publishing Company
101 Cherry Street, Suite 420
Burlington, VT. 05401-4405

Questions should be submitted via email to: or, but again, we ask that you review the above guidelines prior to contacting us.

Thank you.

Allyssa Stevens & Nick Willey
Ashgate Publishing Company
Library Grants Committee Co-Chairs