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ALA Donates $3,500 to Assist Vermont Libraries Damaged by Floods, Encourages More Donations

Catastrophic flooding in July 2023 impacted the state of Vermont, including many libraries. Seventeen public libraries suffered damage to their buildings and loss of resources. Thanks to support from American Library Association (ALA) members and other library supporters around the country, the ALA Disaster Relief Fund is sending $3,500 to the Vermont Library Association (VLA) to disburse to those libraries hardest hit and in need of financial assistance.

Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier, the state capitol, suffered major damage to infrastructure and was not open to the public for several months. Staff provided curbside pickup of library materials and provided internet access outside the building.

Johnson Public Library is providing library services from its temporary location in the Johnson Masonic Temple, while work on the library building continues. Post-flood building repairs at the Johnson Public Library building include heating, electrical, flooring, and insulation installation.

Water flooded the South Londonderry Free Library through both the roof and the basement during the storms. The library continued service to the public despite having on-going repairs.

“ALA thanks the Vermont Department of Libraries and the Vermont Library Association for their support and assistance to library staff and the communities they serve,” said Michael Dowling, director of the ALA Chapter Relations Office, in a press release.

The American Library Association’s Disaster Relief Fund provides monies to libraries in the U.S. and around the world that have been damaged or destroyed due to natural or man-made disasters. Donations to Vermont libraries can be made on the ALA Disaster Relief Fund web page. Please type “Vermont” in the tribute line.

The American Library Association is the foremost national organization providing resources to inspire library and information professionals to transform their communities through essential programs and services.

ALA Councilor’s Report

Hello from sunny Anaheim! I am happy to again be reporting from annual conference. At the first Council meeting we heard reports of task forces and committees. One report of particular interest was presented by the Digital Content & Libraries Working Group. This is the group that is working with ebook publishers. The group had an initial meeting with publishers in the spring and are now working to create business models and licensing agreements and to find ways to communicate the issues to the library community and the general public. ALA leaders have met with publishers twice more. They will continue to work to increase good access to e-resources.

I was lucky enough to score tickets for the first ever Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction Award presentation. Nominees for the award included Anne Enright, Karen Russell, Russell Banks, James Gleik, Robert Massie, and Manning Marable. Anne Enright won for her new book The Forgotten Waltz and Robert Massie won for Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman. ALA hopes this award will become the adult Newbery.

At our second Council meeting we passed a resolution encouraging support for school librarians.

It has been a great pleasure representing Vermont at ALA conferences for the past six years.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Wilson

ALA Councilor’s report–Part 2

On our second day of council we considered a number of resolutions including a Resolution Opposing the Research Works Act; a Resolution Opposing the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011 (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA); Resolution on the Loss of Crucial Government Information. All three resolutions passed. If you want more information about these resolutions you may look at .

We are also passed the Resolution on Publishers and Practices Which Discriminate Against Library Users. This resolution opposes the discriminatory policies of publishers and distributors which adversely impact access to digital content by library users and will be used to clarify the ALA stand when speaking to publishers of digital content.

As my final mid-winter draws to a close I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work as your ALA Councilor. if you think this is a position you would be interested in please speak to me or any VLA board member. The first conference our new councilor would have to attend takes place in Seattle during January 2013.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Wilson

ALA Councilor’s Report–Part 1

Hello from Dallas. I am very happy to again be reporting on activities at the midwinter meeting of the American Library Association. In this, my final year of serving as your councilor, I will continue to monitor national issues that impact Vermont.

At this conference we are considering a resolution taking a stance against the seemingly secret and arbitrary distribution of ebooks, video, and audio formats by publishers and distributors. The resolution is in draft form now but I hope to report today or tomorrow that we have crafted a strong national response to this practice that withholds content from our customers.

As far as regular ALA business goes, while revenues are down ALA recently purchased Neal- Schumann Publishing in order to expand the ALA publishing arm of the organization, which is actually a good revenue maker for the organization.

Please let me know if you have questions at or 802-999-8391

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Wilson

ALA Councilor’s Report #3

My third day representing Vermont at the ALA conference in Washington, DC was  busy and fun. I began the morning early at the Sunrise Speaker session featuring Dennis Lehane. He gave an interesting presentation about books to film and the writing life. He seemed like the kind of guy you would like to have a beer with; witty and self-deprecating. Because I had to attend my second council meeting a friend stood in line at the exhibit hall to score me an advanced reading  copy of his new Partick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro mystery!

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ALA Councilor’s report #2

I am pleased to report on my second day at ALA in Washington, DC. Our first Council meeting was held in the morning and we heard reports from committees and officers. We adopted a resolution Reaffirming Equal Employment for GBTL library workers. We also passed a resolution on Non-Discrimination in Conference Contracts. These resolutions will be posted to the ALA website soon.

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ALA Councilor’s Report #1

Greetings from hot and sunny Washington, DC! I am happy to report on American Library Association activities for Vermont. After a long train ride I made it to DC last evening.

I attended my first meeting of the Chapter Relations Committee this afternoon. The Chapter Relations Office at ALA in Chicago  is the office that helps state associations  work with the ALA office. At this meeting various board and committee members report on their initiatives and activities  that benefit state chapters. Joseph Egan, a member of the executive board mentioned that there is a virtual ALA conference on July 7th and 8th. More information may be found at the ALA website. This is a good opportunity for folks who can’t make it to national conferences.

Keith Michael Fiels, executive director of ALA, mentioned that the organization may be very close to getting funding to states for advocacy. ALA has made a huge commitment to training library advocates.

I will have more to report tomorrow.

Nancy Wilson, Vermont Chapter Councilor

2010 Woman’s Day Magazine Library Contest

Libraries have until May 9 to promote Woman’s Day magazine’s newest initiative, “why the library is important to my community.” The American Library Association (ALA) and Woman’s Day are looking for stories that showcase the importance and value of libraries within the communities they serve.

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URGENT ACTION ALERT: Get Librarians into the “Jobs Bill”


Please call both of your U.S. Senators to ask each of them to request that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), and Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND),  include the hiring and retaining of librarians in the $18 billion “Jobs Bill” as well.

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ALA Councilor’s Report from Midwinter III

I am now half way through my final Council meeting. Thus far we have voted on five resolutions. I was pleased to vote for a very good resolution on libraries in Haiti. It encourages ALA to do everything possible to aid libraries in Haiti. I also voted in the affirmative for resolutions encouraging transparency and openness in the federal government and a resolution supporting digital information initiatives at the government printing office. I also supported a resolution on universal access to broadband. Final copies of these resolutions will be available on the ALA website soon.

Council has concluded and I am headed home on Cape Air. Nine seat prop plane–super cool.

Nancy Wilson