CAYAL Program 2008: Call for Ideas

     Hello fellow CAYAL members,

 As many of you know from my previous e-mails, we the CAYAL section of the VLA are responsible for at least one annual program, the purpose of which is primarily to explore new concepts and/or further develop skills in a specific area of children’s and young adult services (the secondary purpose, to be blunt, is to generate enough revenue to refill the CAYAL coffer so that we will return to a balanced budget at year’s end). 

In the past, CAYAL has held events such as wonderful field trips and storytelling workshops, with last fall’s “Amidon”workshop focusing on incorporating song into storytimes.  This year, the field is wide open, and Jill Coffrin and I are brainstorming ideas for the 2008 CAYAL event.  Currently we are exploring Young Adult-oriented concepts, but we are open to any and all suggestions. 

So, CAYAL members, what would you like to see offered in 2008?  What sort of event, workshop, class, etc., would be most beneficial to you in the work that you do?   Please send your ideas;  we sincerely want to know how we can best serve you, and we want to host a program that will be well-attended and helpful for its participants.  Please contact me, Gizelle, at, or by telephone at 802-878-0313, ext. 109.

Thank you for your help.

Gizelle Guyette, CAYAL president 2008

Jill Coffrin, CAYAL vice-president