Day 3 Chicago

Day three at ALA is winding down. I attended my second council meeting this morning. We accepted the budget, heard the treasurer’s report, passed a resolution supporting civil marriage, and defeated an anti-Afghanistan and Iraq war resolution.

Following the council meeting the state chapter councilors met to discuss state business. Many states are struggling financially. We shared how our association websites work and I found out that many operate as the VLA site does, with members doing the posts. We also heard that the governor of Michigan had just said that he was going to eliminate the state library.

I am waiting for the second council forum to begin. I have introduced a resolution asking ALA to support legislative proposals for single-payer, universal health care. Thanks to Trina Magi for drafting the resolutions, sharing research to support it, and holding my hand in general as I have gone through the resolution process. Council members will discuss it informally at this meeting and then vote on it in council three tomorrow.

Thank you for your continued support, and, as always, please contact me with questions and concerns.

Nancy Wilson