Final Day Chicago

Hello from the final day of ALA. We are finishing up our last council meeting. I am pleased to report that the universal health care resolution which I introduced passed. It was amended from the floor twice. The first amendment took out the single-payer wording and the reference to specific bills. The second amendment added the single payer option back in as an option. I am pleased and was very impressed by my fellow councilors who spent time carefully considering the resolution and crafting good amendments. Seeing resolutions crafted from the floor is exciting! The entire resolution should be up on the ALA website soon.

Other business taken up by council included memorials, some committee reports, resolutions focusing on accessibility, budget, and expansion of electronic participation.

Another successful conference has concluded and I am very happy to have represented Vermont. I am also excited about continuing to be your councilor for another three years.

You ALA Councilor,

Nancy Wilson