Day For Friends

Vermont Friends of the Library, get out your calendars. May 5, a Saturday, is this year’s Day for Friends. We’ll meet at the amazing Axinn Center at the Starr Library at Middlebury College. Register now at for this no cost, information-packed day. Based on feedback from last year, topics include:

  • Social networking for Friends (Facebook? Twitter? Tumblr? Google-alert?)
  • Your Questions Answered Anonymously!  (Please send those questions to me now!)
  • Growing the Friends membership
  • Making the Ask

Are you trying something new this year? Is there another President in charge? Update emails, activities and names for the list of Vermont Friends at by sending me an email ( )

I’m always looking for what works well, and today found an old-fashioned idea revived by the hardworking Friends of the Morristown Centennial Library. Check it out at   See more at Good Ideas from VT Public Libraries by searching Friends or clicking the Fundraising and Friends link in the right hand column. Send comments and questions to me any time—I’m the liaison for Friends for the Vermont Department of Libraries. Looking forward to seeing many of you in May