Looking Inward/Looking Outward: Changing Roles and Expectations in Archival Settings: New England Archivists Fall 2010 Conference

November 5‑6, 2010
Keene State College
Keene, NH

Archival work has always been an evolving field ‑‑ it must be, to maintain its place on the modern front of history amidst changes in collections, technology, and our patrons. The technological revolution has spawned new types of collections, new possibilities for managing them, and new expectations in those who use them.

Born‑digital materials, and born‑digital younger patrons, require new strategies and techniques. New possibilities abound, including searching digitized photograph collections, archiving email, processing digital collections, and digitizing images for publication. How can technology facilitate collaboration between institutions? What can archivists learn from established volunteer and donor‑relations programs as budgets shrink and our work grows? Even in the sectors of our work that remain constant ‑‑ disaster preparedness, new generations of patrons, unconventional collections ‑‑ we can look at new models for successful management.

‑‑ Keynote address: “Digital Natives in the Archives,” Richard Sweeney, University Librarian, New Jersey Institute of Technology

‑‑ Reception and screening of the newly restored /When Lincoln Paid/(1912) at Cheshire County Historical Society; guest speaker Professor Larry Benaquist, Film Studies, Keene State College

‑‑ Workshops on identifying and caring for audiovisual materials, Archivists’ Toolkit, and advanced reference and access

‑‑ Panel discussions include email archiving, born‑digital collections, digitizing and marketing images, managing volunteers, donor relations, unconventional collections, and more

The semiannual NEA meeting brings together archivists, records managers, special‑collections librarians, students, and historians for two days of panel discussions, poster sessions, and workshops.

More information and registration materials can be found at www.newenglandarchivists.org <http://www.newenglandarchivists.org/>.