News on status of Haitian Libraries

Forwarded message from Danielle Mincio, Member of IFLA Governing Board on the status of Haitian libraries.

Dear Colleagues,

The National library is not collapsed but strongly damaged. Patrimonial architects are going to examine the state of the building to know it will be possible to intervene. The analysis of the cultural buildings are analysed after those absolutely essential (hospital, etc.)

St Gonzague’s patrimonial Library is completely destroyed like you’ll see on

The Library St Martial possessing manuscripts of the 17th in 19th century is very damaged in its structure and will also require an intervention of rescue. The Library of the University Quisqueya is also very damaged.

While waiting, the international Committee of the blue Shield launched the on-line registration of the volunteers in English or in French. Attention to use only small letters in your address Join us !

The president of Library without borders give me the bibliographical list of the needs of the Haitian university libraries. Not being able to attached this list on the list of discussion, if you wish to donate works, me you sendings on inquiry lists by email. It concerns especially books in French in letters, agronomy, linguistics, odontology, health, psychology, history, geography, sociology, philosophy, physics, mathematics, computing.

To know the spot lived you can listen to the podcast of an interview (in French) of one of our former colleagues Jean-Euphèle Milcé, having worked in Switzerland, realized in Haiti on Thursday by the RSR under the column(section)

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Kind regards

Danielle Mincio
Member of IFLA Governing Board 2007-2009, 2009-2011
Secretary of the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section
Conservateur des manuscrits
Responsable PAC
Présidente du COSADOCA
Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire
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