Traveling Doll and Book Exhibits FREE for the Borrowing

Many of you have hosted the traveling doll and book exhibits but there are many who have not.
They are sponsored by the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Region 15 and by the Green Mountain Doll Club of Vermont.

I am now booking 2010.

For those you wish to learn more about how your library can host these FREE and FUN exhibits, just drop me a line.

There are 2 exhibits. Each is different and contain different children’s books and dolls portraying characters from those books. There are 4 boxes or plastic tubs per exhibit. Each site hosts for one month.

Don’t let space be an issue. You are free to put out as few or as many of the items as you wish. Just keep unused items together. Or rotate the display if you want. We ask that your library be security conscious. If you have lockable display cases that is great. If you don’t, but still wish to host an exhibit, email me. We do ask that each site be in contact with the next site and make travel arrangements for transfer via car or van.

Be in touch with any questions, concerns.

Thank you’
Exhibit coordinator